We Are Cosmopolitours

We Are Cosmopolitours
Farewell Havana VIP, We’ll Never Forget You!

We are proud to announce that we’ve expanded our operations into Colombia and Spain! We’ve also rebranded as Cosmopolitours to reflect the addition of both destinations. Please go to Cosmopolitours Facebook page and LIKE and FOLLOW us there. As an incentive to the first 100 folks who LIKE and FOLLOW us there, we will mail you a groovy old school poster created for Cosmopolitours by our friends at La Linterna Cali. See a photo of the posters being produced at La Linterna below.

We’ll tell you the story of La Linterna very soon over on the Cosmopolitours Facebook Page, but here’s a little teaser: La Linterna is a printworks located in Cali, Colombia that is home to the oldest continuously operating off-set printing press in the Americas. Because of that rare special press, it’s also a hub where many of Latin America’s best visual artists go to print their works, so it’s a great place to purchase their original limited edition artworks. Interested to learn more? LIKE and FOLLOW Cosmopolitours Facebook page and you’ll not only be the first to know when we post the story of La Linterna, and if you’re one of the first hundred who do so you’ll get the free poster too.

Cosmopolitans Poster created by La Linterna, Cali Colombia
Cosmopolitans Poster created by La Linterna, Cali Colombia | Cosmopolitours

Expanding our operations to Spain and Colombia took 4 years of intensive in-the-field research (much during the pandemic) which entailed multiple trips to practically every destination in both countries. That wasn’t always as fun or glamorous as it sounds. Most of the process was weeding out the unsuitable destinations, vetting guides and staff, consulting with lawyers, and of course building-up our portfolio of the exclusive cultural experiences that are our signature. There was a lot of sweat, several cases of sickness including multiple trips to ERs, doctors’ offices, even some dental work. We want all the aggravating stuff to happen to us, so that we can make sure it won’t happen to you. That’s what it takes to produce flawless hassle-free travel.

Cosmopolitours’ Owners Exploring New Experiences
Cosmopolitours’ Owners Exploring New Experiences | Cosmopolitours

We are experts at producing personalized Luxe Trips to Spain, Colombia, and Cuba. We originally began as Havana VIP Tours in 2011. Cuba is one of the most demanding places on the planet to produce the kind of tourism that we do. Like the song says, if we can make it there, we can make it anywhere.

After all the grunt work we then had to test out the product on some “Guinea Pig Clients” composed of very forgiving and patient family and friends. They got a really good deal on travel to Spain and Colombia in exchange for sharing daily feedback and putting up with some bumps and hiccups along the way. After we worked out those kinks, we then sent some adventurous former clients whose trips we literally shadowed every day though we didn’t disclose that to them until several days had gone smoothly. Now we’re ready to unveil what we’ve created for you and to the general public of discerning travelers who are our clientele.

Birthday trip to Cartagena, Colombia
Birthday Trip in Cartagena, Colombia | Cosmopolitours
Private Guided Visit to The Nazrid Palaces at The Alhambra, Granada, Spain
Private Guided Visit to The Nazrid Palaces at The Alhambra, Granada, Spain | Cosmopolitours

So now that you’ve read this far we have another special bonus offer for you. If you contact us and say the magic words “Open Sesame” we’ll give you a 10% mark-down on any trip you reserve between now and November 1, 2023, with a departure any time through September 1, 2024. That’s giving you our services more or less at cost, and we encourage you to take advantage of it!

We are thrilled to bring the same devotion to detail, creativity, original exclusive cultural experiences, and tour operator expertise that we are known for in Cuba to Spain and Colombia. We offer private bespoke trips (meaning no tour buses full of annoying strangers) for discerning travelers and their friends, family, and loved-ones. No trip planning headaches, no travel hassles, we take care of every detail allowing you to just have fun and enjoy your vacation. Our reviews speak for themselves, thanks to you.

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