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Take a Custom Designed Trip of a Lifetime to Spain

From the idyllic mountain vistas to the sparkling coastline, and from cutting-edge urban scenes to perfectly preserved thousand-year-old medieval towns, trips to Spain offer something fascinating for every type of traveler. Romantic Getaway to Spain? For sure. Unforgettable Spain Honeymoon? Definitely. Fun Family Spain Vacation? Check. Delicious Foodie Travel to Spain? Oh yes.

We make planning a customized Spain trip effortless. We’ll plan every detail, all of Spain’s Best Attractions, all of the amazing UNESCO World Heritage sites in Andalusia; arrange tours and tickets for the Best Museums and Monuments like the Royal Palace in Madrid; and so on for every place that you want to visit in Spain.

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Cosmopolitours Will Handcraft Your Custom Spain Vacation

Cosmopolitours is a boutique agency owned and operated by a tight group of family and friends. Our motto is that we are exclusive, but not elitist. Meaning that because we are a small agency, we take on only a limited number of clients every month (exclusive), but for every client, we take on, we put in the same level of effort regardless of budget (not elitist). So if you want 5-star Grand Lujo Hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants, great! We know the managers, the best rooms, the best tables, etc.

Or if you prefer smaller less extravagant properties, and eating at insider favorite cafés, we can do that too. Want a mix and match of ultra-luxury in some
places, and special charming properties in others? Cosmopolitours has you covered with our Spain travel Itinerary. We are cultural travel experts. We come from the worlds of the Arts, Food, Fashion, Design, and Music. Lots of travel planners like to call themselves “travel curators”, but unlike them, we have actual fine arts curators on our team. We combine our insider cultural knowledge with our IATA-accredited travel professional know-how to plan flawless vacations with:

Efficient Logistics to minimize wasted time
Vetted English-speaking hosts and guides
Safe and reliable transportation
Special access and event bookings
Dining recommendations and reservations from Michelin stars to local faves
Trip defining museum, monument & gallery tours
Best lodging for your lifestyle, budget, convenient location, and great service
& So much more than other companies that could plan your trip

Explore Some of Our Recommended Locations in Spain


How to Plan an Amazing Trip to To Spain With Custom Itineraries

First let’s start with some of the most popular Spain destinations to give you some ideas. Just to name a few, we offer Spain tours, Custom Madrid Itineraries, tailored Andalusia Trips, and Barcelona vacation packages that will open up the possibilities! We can mix and match and put them together to create the perfect Spain Trip for you.

If you already have a list of ideas, we will work with you to make your trip flawless, minimize travel hassles, and maximize enjoyment. We’ll take your ideas and add our insider access and pro travel planning including:

Hand-selected English-speaking chauffeurs and tour guides
Personal contacts for reservations at the best places to eat in Spain
Spain vacation tour packages that include expert-led walking tours like guided marketplace or flea market adventures
Expert logistical planning; on our Spain tour packages you’ll move easily and efficiently to make the most of your precious vacation days.

With limitless options to choose from, vacations to Spain can be very hard to plan, and for a do-it-yourselfer practically impossible. The difficulty of planning your own perfect unique Spain itinerary is why most people throw up their hands in despair and just buy a pre-packaged cookie-cutter trip, figuring that way they’ll get the Highlights of Spain, then hope they’ll figure out how to find “the good stuff” once they get there. Please don’t do that! This is the 100% sure way to get funneled right onto the tourist treadmill. Some people pay a travel agent to do it for them, but sadly all-too-often that travel agent just sells you a pre-packaged trip from a catalog at a nice markup, and once again you’re shuffled right into mass tourism. So how do you avoid the pitfalls and over-tourism of Spain Travel? Contact us.



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