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The Best Colombia Vacation Packages

colombia travel packagesThe Best Colombia Vacation Packages
colombia vacationsThe Best Colombia Vacation Packages

Personalized Custom Colombia Travel Packages

Colombia is only just getting recognized as the travel destination jewel that it is thanks to the peace process resolving its tragic 70-year civil war. In an age of over-tourism, crowded destinations, and exploitative pricing, Colombia stands out as a destination where a traveler can intimately experience the culture firsthand, enjoy excellent food, lodgings, and services, all for an accessible price.

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Top 6 Places to Visit in Colombia

1) Tour Colombia’s Vibrant Cities:

Travel to Colombia’s urban centers like the bustling capital of Bogotá, the largest city in Colombia, or the surprisingly modern city of Medellín (known as the Silicon Valley of the Andes) to experience world-class art, music, design, and great food and nightlife.

2) Visit Cartagena: The Historic Caribbean Port

Tour Cartagena, the Spanish colonial buildings of the Walled City on the Caribbean coast, which is a painstakingly restored 500-year-old UNESCO World Heritage site. Cartagena’s winding cobblestone streets are filled with great boutiques, delicious restaurants, and unbeatable nightlife, and everything seems to swing to the tropical rhythms of the Afro-Caribbean beat that is ingrained in Colombian culture.

3) Travel to the Rosario Islands

Located just a thrilling 45-minute speed boat ride offshore of Cartagena, visiting the Islas Rosarios, a chain of dreamy tropical islands, is one of the most popular Colombia vacation excursions. If you want to spend a few nights, Cosmopolitours will rent your own private island with a fully serviced villa on the water. If you don’t have time to stay overnight in Islas Rosarios, we can arrange a day of sun, sand, and leisure at one of Cartagena’s best private luxury beach clubs. If getting into the local culture is more your style, Cosmopolitours offers a guided tour of the Afro-Caribbean villages of Baru Island.

4) Visit Colombia’s Tayrona National Park

Near the city of Santa Marta where the towering snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains crash down to meet the Caribbean sea. Tayrona national natural park is home to some of Colombia’s Best Beaches. Most importantly, Traveling to Tayrona National Park with Cosmpolitours allows you to support the indigenous Kogi people, the living descendants of the ancient civilization who built what are now jungle ruins called Ciudad Perdida (Colombia’s Lost City) The Kogi have only recently re-emerged from their high mountain redoubts on a mission to warn the rest of us people about the destruction we are causing to Mother Earth.

5) Tour Colombia’s Coffee Highlands

Known as the Eje Cafetero, this must-visit destination is a journey back to a simpler time, where you visit some of the world’s most prized coffee plantations, and really learn everything there is to know about coffee from gultivation, to harvest, through roasting and brewing to your cup. Even if you couldn’t care less about coffee, these sub-tropical highlands offer visitors so much like stunning vistas of green mountains and rainbows, orchids growing in the trees and colorful birds and butterflies flitting around. The small towns like Saliento and Filandia, which inspired the setting for the movie Encanto, are peaceful lovely mountain hamlets with narrow streets, great food, fun, and artisanal shopping, without being overrun by tourists – at least not yet.

6) Journey to Colombia’s Amazon Region

Situated in the southwest of Colombia where Peru, Brazil, and Colombia meet across the banks of the Amazon River allows you to experience a bio-diversity unavailable anywhere else on the planet. Only in Amazonas can you see pods of Pink Fresh Water Porpoise, cavorting around in their native environment. On one of our guided jungle night wildlife walks, if you’re lucky you just might see the golden eyes of endangered and sacred Jaguar staring back at you from the darkness.

Explore Some of Our Recommended Locations in Colombia


Best Time of Year to Travel to Colombia for Vacation

Colombia is truly a year-round travel destination.
Situated at the most northern part of South America, Colombia is the most geographically and biologically diverse country in the world. It has coastlines on both the Pacific, and the Caribbean, towering snow-capped Andes mountain chains, dense tropical rainforests, the Amazon, beautiful otherworldly desert sand dunes that run down to the sea, and much more. Thanks to this privileged geography it is practically always a good time to travel to Colombia.

Of course, because it is in South America in the Southern Hemisphere, seasons are reversed in Colombia compared to the Northern Hemisphere. Winter in the United States is Summer in Colombia, etc… but most of the best Colombian destinations are temperate year-round.

The cosmopolitan city of Medellín, located in a valley of the Andes Mountains is known as the City of Eternal Spring because of its lovely mild climate. The city of Cali, the salsa dancing capital of the world, enjoys a climate similar to that of Santa Barbara, California which is always beautiful. Bogota’s weather is similar to San Francisco, California, though it’s altitude is like Denver Colorado’s.

Tayrona National Natural Park, located where the Sierra Nevada mountains meet the Caribbean Sea, has pristine beaches that are warm and enjoyable all year. Same with Colombia’s other coastal cities like Santa Marta, Barranquilla and Cartagena which all have beautiful beaches on mild Caribbean waters.

Of this list, tell us what sounds appealing, and how many nights you have available for touring Colombia. Together we’ll begin planning a Colombia Trip Itinerary based on your interests, your likes, dislikes, lifestyle, budget, etc… As your custom travel pros, we’ll keep every essential convenience, cost, and quality-of-life amenity top-of-mind, resulting in custom Colombia travel packages that connect you with the enriching experiences you are hoping to find.

The Best Colombia Travel Experiences

The key to having a great Colombia Vacation is to fill your days and nights with amazing Colombia experiences. We at Cosmopolitours have a huge portfolio of exclusive Colombian Experiences for you to choose from according to your personal interests. Every Experience we offer is original, created by Cosmopolitours, operated by our carefully vetted subject matter experts, and only available to Cosmopolitours clients.

Here are just some of the fun and interesting Colombian Vacation Experiences that we offer:

Colombia Foodie Experiences

Cosmopolitours offers Coffee Tastings, Coffee Plantation visits, Chocolate Factory tours, Marketplace Tours, Colombian Cooking Classes, Elite Colombian Chefs and Restaurant experiences, and even Colombian street food tours, just to name a few.

The Best Colombian Sightseeing Tours

Cosmopolitours will show you Colombia’s most important and most beautiful sights. From the towering vistas from atop Monserrate in Bogotá, to the tropical beauty of the Rosario Islands offshore from Cartagena’ cobblestone streets. Some of the most beautiful sightseeing in Colombia is in the Coffee Region with its charming mountain towns like Pereira, Saliento, and Filandia, and breathtaking sub-tropical foliage.

Colombian Art Experiences

Colombia’s art scene is thriving and everyday gains greater international interest. We offer guided visits to Colombian artists’ studios, tours of major art museums, like the Botero Museum, exclusive access to elite private Colombian art collections, important works by Colombian artists like Doris Salcedo, and fully coordinated attendance at major Colombian art events like Bogota’s ARTBO, all led by our carefully vetted team of Colombian artists, Colombian art historians, and Colombian art curators.

Browse through the image carousel below to see all the fun and unique Colombia travel experiences you can choose from Cosmopolitours… 

Cosmopolitours Handcrafts Colombia Travel Packages

At Cosmopolitours we don’t just plan trips to Colombia, we plan trips of a lifetime. No cookie-cutter off-the-shelf mass tourism packages here. Every Colombia Itinerary we create is designed specifically for you. If you want an unforgettable Cartagena or Bogota itinerary filled with history, art, food, music, fashion, and design, contact us now to start planning your ultimate Colombia trip.

We are Colombia travel experts. We come from the worlds of the Arts, Food, Fashion, Design, and Music. Lots of travel planners like to call themselves “travel curators”, but unlike them, we have actual fine arts curators on our team. We combine our insider cultural knowledge with our IATA-accredited travel professional know-how to plan flawless vacations with:

  • Efficient Logistics to minimize wasted time
  • Safe reliable transportation
  • Vetted English-speaking hosts and guides
  • Special access and event bookings
  • Dining recommendations and reservations from Michelin stars to local faves
  • Trip-defining museum, monument & gallery tours
  • Best lodgings for your budget, with great location and service
  • & So much more

If 5-star Hotels and Michelin-ranked restaurants are how you roll, great! We produce Ultra Luxury Colombia Trips like that all the time! Or if you prefer smaller less extravagant properties, and eating at insider favorite cafés, Cosmopolitours creates immersive cultural Colombia trips too. Want a mix and match of ultra-luxury in some places, and special charming properties in others?

Whatever your lifestyle, Cosmopolitours can produce a once-in-lifetime Dream Trip to Colombia perfect for you.

The Best Colombia Tour Guides

We have spent years hand-picking a team of Colombia’s Best English Speaking Tour guides, including content specialists like art historians, curators, dancers, architects, journalists, and even a French-Trained Sommelier turned chocolate maker, and an initiated shaman who gives our fascinating botanical medicine walks. Even if you had the time to research every destination, every hotel, and every attraction, you’ll still never be able to compare with Cosmopolitours insider knowledge and access.

Your vacation time is precious. Treat it that way by contacting us to plan your perfect custom Colombia vacation package.

The Best Trip To Colombia

Buying a pre-packaged one-size-fits-all Colombia Vacation Package is the one sure way to end up in the worst tourism Colombia has to offer. You may end up staying in the wrong places, missing out on the best food and nightlife, and just getting stuck on a very mundane touristy Colombia vacation. The best way to visit Colombia is on a custom personalized Colombia trip planned and produced by Cosmopolitours just for you.

Custom Colombia Vacation Packages

We at Cosmopolitours are Colombia travel experts. For example, we’ve got close relationships with the best hotels in Bogotá. We know the Best Places to Eat in Cartagena and the exciting nightlife in Medellin. When the dance troupe Swing Latino performed as backup dancers to JLo and Shakira during the Halftime of SuperBowl LIV, our clients were in Cali Colombia at the Cabaret which is the home base watching the show with the dancers’ friends and family. We know how to connect you with Colombian culture. That’s why we say a Handcrafted Colombia Travel Itinerary by Cosmopolitours is a trip of a lifetime.



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