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travel expertsExperience Your
Dream Vacation
Beyond The Guidebooks
travel itineraryExperience Your
Dream Vacation
Beyond The Guidebooks

Cosmopolitours Plans and Produces Customized, Unique Vacations to Spain, Colombia, & More.

We are travel experts, IATA accredited professionals since 2015, insured as international tour operators.

At Cosmopolitours we handcraft unique custom trips-of-a-lifetime for discerning travelers to fascinating destinations like Spain, Colombia, and Cuba. Every vacation we create is specially designed for your personal interests, lifestyle, and budget. We create our trips by filling the days (and nights) with our own exclusive activities that are fun and interesting to you.

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Cosmopolitours Will Produce Your Dream Trip

Everyone has a trip of a lifetime dream. In your mind’s eye, you envision it: totally independent travel; no tour buses full of strangers; just you or you and your family and friends; no cookie-cutter mass tour packages. You want a totally customized travel itinerary so you have the exact unique travel experiences you want. That’s the Dream Trip.

Every Cosmopolitours Itinerary is a Handcrafted Vacation Package Just For You

We’ll start with a blank sheet of paper, and together we’ll fill the days of your personalized vacation itinerary. We’ll discuss your personal interests to select from our portfolio of exclusive unique travel experiences. If you don’t see exactly the experience you want, just tell us and we’ll make it happen.

We will choose lodgings and transportation according to your lifestyle preferences, and match you with the perfect vetted expert guides that fit with your private small group trip. Voilá: your dream trip!

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Cosmopolitours: Expert Travel Agents to Spain, Colombia & More

We are Travel Experts. We have successfully created and operated more than 400 custom tour packages for small private groups who want to travel well. Planning and producing unique customized vacations is challenging. Most travel agents do not have the specific destination expertise and infrastructure to be able to successfully and reliably produce tailor made itineraries to Spain, Colombia and Cuba. That’s why the best travel agents turn to us with their clients.

For do-it-yourselfers, it’s really impossible to do what Cosmopolitours does for our clients. Sifting through endless searches, Lonely Planet or TripAdvisor reviews (which have proven to be faked),  that give conflicting advice from who knows what supposed “Travel Influencers.”

We are experts at planning custom travel itineraries to Spain and other handcrafted vacation itineraries to your dream destinations. Read more about us to learn about our company’s history of producing more than 400 custom travel itineraries with a perfect record of 5-star reviews.



Cosmopolitours Plans Personalized Trips Of A Lifetime For Anyone, But Not Everyone

Cosmopolitours is a boutique international tour operator agency owned and operated by a close-knit group of family and friends. We are purposely a small agency. Unlike some of our famous competitors, we maintain quality by limiting quantity. But that doesn’t make us stuck-up (again, unlike some of our famous competitors).

Our motto is that we are exclusive, but not elitist. We take on only a limited number of clients every month (we’re exclusive), so that every client we take gets the same level of personalized planning and attention to detail regardless of budget (we’re not elitist).

Cosmopolitours Custom Tour Packages are The Best

Best places to eat & drink
Most beautiful vistas
Insider-access nightlife
Exclusive unique experiences
Expert guided museum & monument tours
Stylist-directed shopping
Efficient logistics to minimize wasted time
Safe reliable transportation
Vetted English-speaking hosts and guides
Special access bookings and event planning
Matched for your lifestyle, budget & preferences
& So much more…

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