Discover Jerez de la Frontera:
Spain's Crown Jewel of Horses, Sherry, and Flamenco

Nestled in the southwestern corner of Andalusia, Jerez de la Frontera offers an authentic Spanish experience steeped in equestrian excellence, world-renowned sherry production, and captivating flamenco traditions.

Horses and Jerez share a longstanding symbiotic relationship. The city is globally renowned for its breeding of Andalusian horses, exquisite creatures that meld strength with grace. At the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art and the La Cartuja School, you can marvel at these magnificent animals performing intricate routines, many of which mirror flamenco dance steps. The annual Horse Fair of Jerez transforms the city into a celebration of equestrian art, attracting aficionados from around the world.

Equally essential to the city’s identity is its sherry production. The sprawling vineyards that surround Jerez contribute to a variety of sherry types, from crisp Fino to rich Oloroso. Local bodegas, or wine cellars, are more than just production sites; they are cultural landmarks that have shaped the city’s layout and architecture. Take a guided tour to learn about the age-old solera system and taste the nuanced flavors of Jerez’s liquid gold.

In Jerez, flamenco is not merely a performance but a way of life. The city’s unique contribution to this art form is the flamenco style known as bulerías, an intricate and fast-paced rhythm that fuels local tabancos—intimate venues where one can witness this cultural spectacle up close.

For souvenirs, consider purchasing a bottle of local sherry or handmade ‘mantoncillos,’ small embroidered shawls often used in flamenco performances.

Jerez de la Frontera allows you to experience the epitome of Andalusian culture, blending historical depth with modern-day vivacity. A visit here offers more than scenic beauty; it grants you passage into a rich, multifaceted world that has to be lived to be truly understood.

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