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The dynamic cityscape of Bogotá, Colombia, is where history and modernity coalesce into a captivating experience. This isn’t just a capital city; it’s a tapestry of culture, art, and stories that invites you to weave your own narrative into its rich fabric. It’s also an obligatory stop for anyone traveling to Colombia.

Bogotá is built against Monserrate Mountain where the summit vista marries urban sprawl with Andean majesty. It is a city of arts, culture, and museums, a hub of entrepreneurship and innovation, and a bustling metropolis where you can feel and learn so much about Latin America.

The district of La Candelaria has well-preserved colonial architecture and cobblestone streets leading to the Plaza Bolivar which has been the stage for so much of the country’s history. The Botero Museum is housed in a beautiful colonial era building where the late maestro himself installed his works room-by-room. And for an encore, the Gold Museum awaits, offering a jaw-dropping narrative of the richness of indigenous Colombian history and culture.

For food, Bogota is home to several of South America’s best chefs, also has an array of affordable and excellent restaurants that wouldn’t be out of place in Manhattan or Los Angeles, but are absolutely definitively Colombian. For nightlife Bogota is a city where people love to go out, so the bar scene and live music venues which range from upscale to dive scale are vivacious and interesting.

Sundays are a particularly fun day to spend in Bogota, from the Flea Market, to the people doing yoga in the park accompanied by live music, to Ciclovía taking over the streets for everyone from grandparents to kids to roller-skate and bike throughout the city center.

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