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Cosmopolitours: Experts in Private Luxury Tailor Made Travel to Spain, Colombia, and Cuba

What Does Tailor Made Travel Mean?

At Cosmopolitours we specialize in tailor made fully independent custom trips to Spain, Colombia, and Cuba. We are destination specialists, meaning we don’t work in other destinations on all seven continents of the world.

We only work in Spain, Colombia, and Cuba. This means that unlike some bigger companies that resell trips from smaller local agencies on a global network, we are dedicated specialists in our chosen destination. Cosmopolitours’ totally customized trips are planned and operated exclusively by us. We are travel experts with insider knowledge that only comes from years of experience.

We will personally create the dream vacation that fits your personal interests and preferred style of travel. We are bespoke trip specialists who, since 2011, have tailored over 400 trips to Cuba, Spain, and Colombia according to the exact requirements or discerning travelers like you.

Make your next trip a Cosmpolitours tailor made vacation.

Michelin-rated Chef
Michelin-rated Chef Periko Ortega of Recomiendo Restaurant, Cordoba, Spain. | Cosmopolitours

What Is The Difference Between Ready Made and Tailor Made Trips?

The obvious analogy to explain the difference between a ready-made itinerary and Cosmopolitours tailor made itineraries is that it’s like the difference between ordering a tailor made suit from a bespoke tailor, versus buying a suit off-the-rack at your local department store. The bespoke tailor measures every part of your body, works with you to choose the perfect fabric color and weight, the buttons, everything is literally tailor made. An off-the rack suit comes as-is, maybe you can get some alterations done, but for the fabric, the lining, the buttons, you get what you get.

Since not everyone can relate to bespoke tailoring, let’s say a tailor made trip versus a ready made trip is the difference between a McDonald’s cheese burger, and one from Shake Shake or Five Guys. The McDonald’s Cheeseburger is ready-made, there’s no variety, no choices, everybody who buys one gets the same exact thing. Shake Shake and Five Guys are made-to-order just for you, and you get to choose exactly your favorite toppings.

Ready-made itineraries are cookie-cutter off-the-rack packages that are very rigid from a traveler’s point of view. If an activity that you want to experience in say, Spain, is not included on your ready-made itinerary, you’re on your own or out-of-luck. The companies who offer these ready-made cookie-cutter itineraries keep costs low by producing a uniform trip, then try to maximize profit by up-selling travelers who want something extra. Up-selling trip add-ons are particularly common with pre-packaged “adventure” tours to South America like the Galapagos Islands and Machu-Picchu, Southeast Asia, and every destination in Europe.

Customized Package Tours?

It sounds like a contradiction: customized and packaged. But by ‘”packages” what we mean are tailor made itineraries specifically designed for you by your expert knowledgeable guide: us – Cosmopolitours. A Cosmopolitours trip is a private journey itinerary we’ll tailor just for you, your family and friends based on your interests. The itinerary we create includes every detail in every destination you’ll visit: your hotel, transportation, fun activities, entertainment, meal reservations, and, of course, local guides.

At Cosmpolitours we take exactly the opposite approach than the mass cookie-cutter trip sellers. We start planning from the point of view of wanting to create your personal trip of a lifetime. Your private journey will be filled with exactly the kind of experiences that you want, led by our expert local guides, woven together by us applying our experience and infrastructure to realize your travel inspiration. It’s your perfect holiday that we’re going to spend time planning together.

We’ll give you whatever level of luxury hotels or accommodation that you prefer and fit your budget. We’ll arrange visits to destinations filled with off the beaten track local culture experiences, unique travel experiences and excursions, that match your interests so that you discover the local culture in a fun interactive adventure.

Visit to Botero’s Museum
Exclusive Visit to Botero’s Museum Guided by the Artist’s Grandson, Colombia | Cosmopolitours

You Should Take a Cosmopolitours Tailored Vacation to Spain, Colombia, or Cuba

Cosmopolitours customized holidays are based on your preferred style and pace of travel. We take into account your interests, your budget, and the particulars of who you’re traveling with. If you have a group of friends, you’ll have different needs than a family including parents, grandparents, and kids from tweens to teens to young adults.

We’re a small agency on purpose, so that when we agree to arrange your custom travel itinerary, we give you the very best trip ideas and expert advice to make your travel dreams come true. And if you’re traveling for a special occasion, like a birthday, honeymoon or graduation, there are many trip based choices that need to be made to make your private journey as close to flawless as possible. When you are a Cosmopolitours client, we’ll give you the same level of commitment and attention to detail regardless of your budget.

There are plenty of experienced travel consultants in the world. One of the many attributes that really elevates Cosmopolitours is our portfolio of exclusive experiences and activities. Add-in our attention to detail, our commitment to ethical travel

What Is a Disadvantage of Tailor Made Holidays?

Usually just cost is the big disadvantage. Simply put, tailor-made vacations cost more. Just like the McDonald’s cheeseburger, a cookie-cutter trip costs less than a tailor made customized trip. As they say, you get what you pay for.

But you also get more out of your trip because the quality of trips we produce is definitely worth more than what our clients spend, not even adding in the time and frustration they save by leaving the planning to us.

Private Coffee Tasting
Private Coffee Tasting in Bogota, Colombia | Cosmopolitours

Cosmopolitours’ Travel Agency Services

We work on every detail of our trips. We choose the perfect accommodation and hotels based on your budget, but also the property location, and even which particular rooms might better suit your lifestyle. We arrange private tours, private transfers, reserve the best restaurants, provide you with our expert advice, and choose and screen local guides who are experts in art, history, architecture, food, whomever is the best match for your interests. We even pick the local guides who we think will be the best fit to make your travel dreams come true.

Our tours and experiences, like our art tours, food experiences, architecture tours, every activity we offer is original, created, owned and operated only by us. No one can book our exclusive experiences by buying them on the internet. You’ll never find Cosmopolitours experiences and tours for sale on Viator. Though you will find many imitators
We are even licensed travel insurance agents in order to give our clients the very best travel insurance advice.

Cosmopolitours is also accredited by IATAN, the travel professional accrediting department of IATA, the same international group that sets global standards for air carriers. The few services that we do not offer is ticketing for international flights, since most of our clients prefer to make their own air reservations based on their frequent flyer programs.

feeding baby monkey
Cosmopolitours’ Client Feeding Baby Monkey at Zoo’s Nursery | Cosmopolitours

More Than Bespoke Luxury Travel

For most people, a bespoke luxury vacation is about staying at 5-star properties, being chauffeured in black cars, and eating at Michelin rated restaurants. If that’s what tailor made luxury travel means to you, then you don’t need Cosmopolitours to plan your trip. Just call your favorite luxury accommodation brand (we recommend Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, and Peninsula Hotels), reserve your stay, and ask the concierge to make the appropriate reservations.

Anyone can charter a private jet, arrange an airport transfer in a black Mercedes-Benz, and reserve a suite at Four Seasons Hotels. But not everyone can seamlessly weave in exclusive excursions and experiences based on your interests that bring your travel dream to life, creating an adventure so that you can truly discover the destinations you’ll visit. That’s just a part of what Cosmopolitours does.

Horse Farm
Exclusive visit to Dahesa Fuente Ymbro Horse Breeding Farm Cadiz, Spain | Cosmopolitours

A Dream Trip By Cosmopolitours Means Attention To Detail Before, During, and After Your Journey

We are among the very best Spain, Colombia, and Cuba travel experts in the world, and our service – the luxury we offer – is the care and detail we put into time planning each and every journey. For us, luxury is service, care, and attention to detail.

At Cosmopolitours a great trip is as close to flawless as possible. We polish every detail of your itinerary before you travel, then keep track of your trip in real time, so that your friends, family, and loved ones can relax and enjoy a flawless trip. We expect every private journey we plan to immerse you, your family, and friends into each destination based on your interests, where all the tours combine to create an adventure where you can let go of the worries of your daily life, hand-over all the hassles and trip logistics to us, and just enjoy your trip of a lifetime.

A Luxury Traveler? We Say Discerning Travelers

For us, the word luxury focuses too much on budget. But a discerning traveler is someone who sees that the value in a tailor made trip is about the content of the journey, the flexibility and opportunity of independent travel with expert local guides who act as much as friends as they do advisors and on-the-spot concierge.

Our clients are discerning travelers because they know what they want to get out of their trip. They have ideas about the destination they want to visit, have researched some excursions based on their interests, some of the hotels and attractions, and usually have perused some sample itineraries. And based on all of that knowledge, the discerning traveler is wise enough to know that they themselves can’t put all those moving pieces together to create the perfect trip itinerary.

That’s when the discerning travel affords themselves the luxury of having Cosmopolitours tailor their Cuba itinerary, design their custom tour of Spain, or plan their dream vacation to Colombia for them.

Day Trip to a Kogii Village
Day Trip to a Kogii Village in the Sierra de Santa Marta, Colombia | Cosmopolitours

Contact Cosmopolitours to Plan Your Dream Trip to Spain, Your Journey of a Lifetime to Colombia, or Your Unforgettable Holiday in Cuba

Let us know when you would like to travel. Give us a window of dates. For example “we want to spend 14 nights traveling in Colombia anytime after June 3, but we need to be home for sure by June 25. (FYI: when travel planning it’s best to count nights, not days.)

Tell us how many people are in your traveling party, and what the rooming configuration should be. Something like “we are 3 couples in our late 30’s, friends from college who always travel together, we’d like 3 rooms with king-sized beds.”

Describe your dream itinerary. Give us a sense of the destinations you want to discover, and the type of activities and experiences that match your interests.

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